This page describes the principles of etiquette, it is a guideline to cooperate with others, to share ideas and create profesional biographies. BaCeleb's contributors come from different countries and cultures. We all have different views, perspectives, opinions, and backgrounds which varies widely.

Please read and consider the following guidelines in order to contribute effectively to the development of the site:etiquette

    1. Treat others with respect - with other words -"Treat others as you would have them treat you!"
    2. Do not make misrepresentations.
    3. Do not ignore reasonable arguments.
    4. If someone disagrees with your edit, provide good reasons why you think that it is appropriate.
    5. Review the list of common mistakes.
    6. Remind yourself that these are people with whom you are dealing. They have feelings. Try to treat others with dignity. The world is a big place, with different cultures and conventions. Do not use jargon that others might not understand. Use acronyms carefully and clarify if there is the possibility of any doubt.
    7. As with all other online textual communications, we can neither hear the voice tone nor see the body language when the other person ‘speaks’. In other words, it’s easy for someone to think you are being sarcastic when you are not, or misunderstand you in any other manner for that matter.
    8. Be focused single-mindedly on writing a biography
    9. If you are publishing biographies, and somebody comments it, the least you can do is to acknowledge them by replying, especially when they are questions directed to you. 
    10. Be specific. Personalized comments show authors that you’re genuinely interested in what they have to say, and that you actually took the time to read what they wrote. This doesn’t mean you need to write a long comment, just be sure to articulate why you felt compelled to say something in the first place. Quote the author directly if you need to clarify what specific sentences you’re responding to. If you simply want to compliment someone’s work, consider using the "Like" button to show your support. 
    11. Take care not to diverge too far from the subject of the original post. If you end up in an off-topic exchange with other commenters, message them directly to avoid distracting from the comments left for the post author. It’s perfectly acceptable to share relevant links, just be sure to explain how they relate to the original post.
    12. Don’t leave a link to your blog. Blatant self-promotion is generally frowned upon and is likely to be ignored, so be careful not to tarnish your reputation by creating the perception that you’re a spammer.
    13. Be nice. Even if you disagree with someone, it’s never appropriate to use insults or other offensive language. Rude comments don’t add any value to a discussion, and only divert attention away from the author’s work. It’s perfectly fine to offer constructive criticism, just be polite. If you see others writing disrespectful or incendiary comments, or you receive such comments, ignore/delete them. Acknowledging them will only encourage the aggressor, so don’t waste your time.
    14. Keep it brief. The more concise your comment, the easier it will be for others to read and respond to. In most cases, a few sentences is plenty.
    15. If you create an article please consider using a spell checker.
    16. It is your responsability to judge what is important to you when creating a biography on BaCeleb, but be careful not to get too full of yourself. Avoid partiality and be realistic when creating a biography.
    17. Tell the truth, do not lie to yourself. 
    18. Do not waste the resources - gossipping, chatting, self-promotion belongs to other websites, which are design for this purpose
    19. Respect and value every individual's usefull contribution.
    20. Use common sense when you are adding/editing content.

BaCeleb is free content that anyone can edit, use, modify, and distribute.

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