• Before creating an article or an autobiography, please ensure that you read the Creating an Autobiography and Please Consider articles.  mistakes
  • Do not create articles about petsanimals or companies! It is a place to share biographies and autobiographies only.
  • Each article should aim to describe the life of a single person, important facts, actions, life events he lived. BaCeleb is not a story book, neither a digital publishing service for autobiography novels.
  • Before creating a new article, run a search for the name—you may find a related one that already exists. Consider adding to existing articles before creating an entirely new one. 


  • Deleting useful content. A piece of content may be written poorly, yet still have a purpose. Consider what a sentence or paragraph tries to say. Clarify it instead of throwing it away. If the material seems mis-categorized or out of place, consider changing the category, or creating a new page for it. 
  • Deleting without explanation. Deleting anything that isn't trivial requires some justification, or else other users who care about the article's development will be caught unaware, and may think you're being intentionally sneaky. 


  • Inconsistently styled text. The Manual of Style is a guide for maintaining a consistent style across BaCeleb articles. 
  • External links in text. Relevant external links should be added to a links section at the foot of the article. 

Over-doing it

  • Over-respecting "the author". Over-capitalizing titles. 
  • Over-Linking, make links that are relevant only to the context.


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